Retiring Well Course

Retiring Well is a course for those approaching retirement and for those who have finished full time work in the last year. Retirement is a time of significant change for people. There are many ways to move towards and then into retirement and many issues to think though.


Retiring Well can be run as a one or two day event or as a series of 5 to 8 mornings, afternoons or evenings on a monthly basis. It can be run as a small study group or in a retreat setting. It works best with 6 to 8 participants, although it could also be run with several table groups in a larger setting. During the current pandemic it can be run on Zoom as well as in person. The course includes a mix of presentation from the front, interactive exercises in twos, small groups and plenary, as well as opportunity for time alone to think, plan and pray.


Topics covered can include:

  1. Challenges & opportunities in retirement

  2. A Christian perspective on retirement & growing old

  3. Exploring God’s calling for your retirement

  4. The "Gap” possibility: creative ways to develop a buffer between work and retirement

  5. A balanced lifestyle: pacing life & use of time in retirement

  6. Finding your new identity & self-worth without paid employment

  7. Supporting others, supporting yourself: including compiling a personal support matrix

  8. Staying or moving: some key points to consider about where to live and when to move

  9. Volunteering: opportunities & tips

  10. Developing your devotional life in retirement

  11. Succession planning and leaving a work legacy

  12. Developing a life legacy


By the end of the course:

  • Attendees have had opportunity to personally consider some of the implications of retirement from full time work.

  • Attendees are inspired to start praying and planning for their own purposeful, fulfilled retirement.

  • Attendees have resources to help them on their continuing retirement journey.

"It was brilliant"

"Great: content, presentation, handouts, pace & participation of the other attendees."

"It has given me a process to work through as I consider the coming year or so, and plenty of food for thought."

"Helen was very warm, articulate and enabling and responded to us with wisdom and enthusiasm."

"Helen was a great facilitator, the content was practical & thought provoking"

"It covered topics I'd not even thought of"

Retiring Well was developed by Helen Calder following her own journey from full time employment. She first ran it in 2017 as a 5 session evening life group at Emmanuel Church, South Croydon. She has also delivered Retiring Well as a day retreat at Vaughan Park Retreat and Conference Centre in New Zealand, at churches in the UK, as a retreat weekend as well as in a one to one mentoring format. She now runs the course on Zoom as well as in person, although she prefers face to face as it is more interactive.

A summary resource, Preparing for Retirement: some top tips, is included in the Personal Matters section of the Helen’s Headlines website.

Helen currently facilitates all Retiring Well courses. She is planning a monthly Zoom version likely to commence in Spring 2021.  Please contact her at if you would like further information on this. You can also contact her to discuss the possibility of her running a face to face course in your church, for staff in your organisation, at your Christian event or at your retreat centre.  Helen is developing a participant's work book and leader’s manual in the hope that in the future others will also be able to facilitate Retiring Well.


For more information please contact Helen at