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Management & Leadership

Managing people in a Christian context

A simple introduction to some key tips, principles, practices and issues to

help you manage people effectively, including: recruitment, communication,

appraisals, training, team building, when things go wrong as well as the importance of prayer.

Its for:

  • Anyone starting out in people management

  • Ministers of churches with one or more team members

  • Leaders & other managers in Christian organisations, especially where there’s no HR expert

  • Anyone managing people in a Christian or secular context

Management Meeting

Clarifying Team responsibilities

The aim of this resource is to help a manager and their direct reports to have clarity about responsibilities: what they can and can’t do without referral. It was developed to help direct reports at middle and junior management level. It may be especially useful where a member of the team is not taking the expected initiative or for those who particularly appreciate a structured working environment. 

It may be helpful for:

  • Anyone managing other people.

  • Anyone who is managed.

Pay principles

This resource seeks to illustrate the topics to include in a pay principles policy for a Christian charity and offers a template which can be customized as appropriate, indicated by the highlighted sections of the text.

It's primarily for:

  • People responsible for HR in small charities

  • Board, HR or remuneration sub-committee members

Twelve tips for interpreting accounts

Looking at a set of annual accounts or monthly management accounts can be a minefield if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Here are 12 tips to get you started.


Introduction to fundraising for small Christian charities

Many small or new charities have no experience or expertise in fundraising and they don’t know where to start. Good fundraising consultants who understand the Christian sector are often expensive and reasonably rare. Often fundraising is the responsibility of a chair of trustees or CEO who has little or no previous fundraising experience. So this resource introduces readers to:

  • Methods of fundraising and types of donor and donation

  • Information to give potential donors 

  • Initial actions to get you underway

  • The place of prayer in Christian fundraising

  • Signposts to more in depth fundraising resources and training.

Mentoring charter

This resource sets out the matters you may like to consider when starting a mentoring relationship.

Moving premises

A move of your charity to different premises is a major exercise. This is a high-level checklist to get you started and to give you a sense of the scope of the exercise. Invariably you will need to follow some of the signposts at the end of the resource and take professional advice.

A project management framework

This resource offers a simple framework for managing projects. If everyone in the organisation uses the same framework it helps promote efficiency as the principles and method are commonly understood. It also means that time isn’t wasted interpreting different project management approaches for different projects.

A checklist for change

Change happens with amazing frequency. This checklist seeks to get you started and ensure you’ve not missed anything major. It can be customised for your own change scenario.

 Its for:

  • Anyone leading a change initiative, especially in a charity or church

  • Anyone who is part of a change team or is involved in a change process in an organisation.

Some of the checklist items translate into a personal change situation as well.

Succession Planning

This resource outlines the main considerations when forward planning for the succession of key leaders, as well as what to do when the change actually occurs. This is for:

  • Chairs of trustees whose chief executive/director is moving on or who wish to do some advance planning.

  • Anyone overseeing the change or potential change for a key post.

  • Those recognising the need for their own succession in due course.

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