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Signposts in a Global Pandemic:

Resources to help charities, churches and individuals

during and beyond the Covid19 Crisis

Over recent weeks we’ve had to respond fast to a rapidly changing horizon. It’s going to take some time for organisations and churches to emerge and the playing field will have changed. Helen’s Headlines has always been about a short summary that signposts you on for more depth. So here are my top ten signposts for resources to help your church or organisation on the journey, plus five more focussed at a personal level…


Evangelical Alliance    

Updated daily & split into the following sections: prayer/petition/intercession, policy guidance & advice, doing church digitally, church stories, proclaiming the gospel, news & views, vulnerable & at risk, family & education, money matters.


Global Connections

Information and advice for mission agencies, mission-focused churches, church streams, mission support services and mission partners.



Regularly updated resources and guidance for charities, churches and mission workers on financial matters, insurance, employment and forward planning. This is also a great website for donors.


Forge Leadership

Simon Barrington has produced a series of videos and workshops based on his experience in disaster recovery. I’d especially recommend the excellent 4 minute video “Response, Recovery & Reconstruction”. 


Edward Connor Solicitors       

Resources and advice to help Christian organisations and churches be Biblically faithful as well as legally compliant. Includes a free fact sheet on the coronavirus job retention scheme and a variety of other free fact sheets and chargeable resources such as a redundancy pack.


Frank Analysis

Communication is critical in this season of massive change. Laura Treneer has considerable experience in print and digital comms, brand, marketing, fundraising, project and volunteer management, copyediting, research and strategy. As well as church/charity leadership, an understanding of governance and leading through organisational change.


John Truscott

John is the best church consultant and trainer that I know and has many years of experience. Whatever you may need to review at this time John has over 180 free online resources (articles, training notes and “health checks”) to help you.


All Nations

Three “Reimagining church and mission” webinars


Community in a Crisis

In particular two video sessions “The future of the church: lessons in lockdown”


European Evangelical Alliance

An insightful article from a European perspective with an encouragement to think, pray and act: “Coronavirus how is it changing our nations?”


At a personal level…

Covid19 Spiritual Health Check

A moving and challenging ten minute talk from Rico Tice of Christianity Explored, starting with the tragic death of 52 year old Peter Hart from Covid19.

Lectio 365

A topical daily devotional app from the 24-7 Prayer Movement that helps you pray the Bible every day.  

Dr Kathryn Mannix

Author of the Sunday Times Bestseller “With the End in Mind”. The Facebook page posts on 2 May “Anyone else feeling tired?” and 28 May “It’s OK to feel tired” are immensely reassuring. There are also other helpful posts around the pandemic theme.


TV Dr Xand on A Practical Guide to Social Distancing

This does what it says on the can!


What Would Helen Do?

Here are my key questions to ask yourself and your church or organisation as you move forward:

  • What can I/we be thankful for in lockdown & what lessons have I/we learned?

  • What will I/we do intentionally so that I/we take the lessons and benefits with me/us into the “new normal”?

Author and copyright Helen Calder 2020

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