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Retiring Well Courses

There are a variety of ways to do a Retiring Well Course:

  • Attend a residential course run by the founder, Helen Calder.

  • Invite Helen to run a course at your church, retreat or conference centre or Christian event.

  • Attend a local, non-residential, small group facilitated by a local leader, using the Retiring Well Workbooks.

  • Use the Retiring Well Workbooks on your own or with your partner, a friend or colleague who is at a similar stage in the retirement journey.

All Helen's residential courses for 2024 are now fully booked. In 2025 Helen will be running a residential RW course at Penhurst Retreat Centre in East Sussex from 3 to 6 April. Booking is not yet open. It will be notified in due course via the Retiring Well mailing list and on this web page. Booking will be at 

You can sign up to the mailing list by emailing 

A residential course is being run at Harnhill Healing Centre near Cirencester by a member of the Harnhill team from 22 to 24 November 2024. To book go to​


Local, non-residential Retiring Well courses will running during Autumn 2024. A number of local non-residential courses are also in the pipeline for spring 2025. They will be announced on this web page and via the mailing list as details are confirmed.


The Retiring Well course can be run over one to five days or as a series of 6 to 8 mornings, afternoons or evenings on a fortnightly, monthly or occasional basis. It works best with a group of up to 10 participants, although it can also be run in much larger groups with table groups or Zoom breakout rooms. The course includes a mix of presentation, interactive exercises in small groups and plenary, as well as opportunity for time alone to think, plan and pray.

Topics covered interlink as a series of jigsaw pieces. They include:

  1. How to make the most of Retiring Well 

  2. Opportunities & challenges in retirement

  3. Exploring God’s calling for your retirement

  4. Life journeys and life legacies

  5. Leaving work well

  6. An introduction to financial considerations for retirement

  7. The "Gap” possibility: developing a buffer between work and retirement

  8. A Christian perspective on retirement & growing old

  9. Identity & self-worth without paid employment

  10. Supporting others, supporting yourself

  11. More time at home: for single living and those who are married

  12. Staying or moving: where to live and when to move

  13. A balanced lifestyle: pacing life & use of time in retirement

  14. Volunteering: opportunities & tips

  15. Developing your devotional life in retirement

  16. Further steps on the retirement journey


By the end of the course participants:

  • have had opportunity to personally consider some of the implications of retirement from full time work.

  • have been inspired to start praying and planning for their own purposeful, fulfilled retirement.

  • have been given resources to help them on their continuing retirement journey.

  • will hopefully and eventually have a purposeful, fruitful and  fulfilled retirement.

If you're interested in facilitating a small Retiring Well group locally please contact Helen at A complimentary PDF version of the Facilitator's Manual is available to those considering facilitating a small group, when they order both volumes of the Retiring Well Workbooks.

Please contact Helen at if you would like any further information on Retiring Well courses or to join the Retiring Well mailing list.   

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