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About Helen's Headlines

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What are Helen's Headlines?

Helen's Headlines are short resources with a Christian ethos. They can be used in online and print formats. Each resource introduces key points on a topic, often including a checklist for action and signposts to more detailed information on the subject. They cover aspects of the following areas in which I have had experience: governance, strategy, management and leadership, money, personal matters and end of life. They are written with a Christian ethos, some more explicitly than others.

Who are they for?

Helen's Headlines were initially created for a UK audience. However, following a scholarship at Vaughan Park Retreat and Conference Centre in New Zealand many of them have now been peer reviewed for a New Zealand audience too. Opportunities to make them accessible and relevant for Christian charities in Europe are also being explored. 

The resources on governance, strategy, management and leadership were first developed as a result of Helen mentoring women in leadership roles in charities and training chairs and trustees of charities. The end of life series arose following Helen's personal experience with family and friends and were first published on The Mutton Club website in 2016 and 2017. All Helen's Headlines resources are available for anyone who finds them useful. This includes trustees, staff and volunteers of charities and churches, as well as individuals.

Who is the author and where are they published?

The resources have been written by Helen Calder on a voluntary basis. They are my personal views and experience and of course you may not agree with all of them!

They are offered to charities and churches for publication online on a non-exclusive basis, subject to permission granted by Helen Calder. They are published on the Helen's Headlines website 

All copyrights are held by the author, Helen Calder. Most resources have been peer reviewed by someone in the UK and/or New Zealand who has expertise on the topic.

Please note the disclaimer that all views expressed are the personal view of the author. The author does not accept any liability for any losses suffered by any person or organisation relying directly or indirectly on any resource.

Thank yous

There are so many people to thank for their support in bringing Helen's Headlines to publication:

  • The gifted people I've mentored and trained, who caused me to write the first resources.

  • The organisations where I have worked and been a trustee over the last 40 years, which have given me the experience on which these resources are based.

  • The Board of Vaughan Park Retreat and Conference Centre in New Zealand who gave me the scholarship to write 20 of these resources, their lovely staff who provided an environment in which I could focus on writing and those who generously wrote the references for my scholarship application.

  • My wonderful team of peer reviewers.

  • Those who have provided technical advice as I've designed and built my first ever website.

  • The team of friends who have prayed regularly for me as I've written the resources, especially during my scholarship.

  • Ultimately I give praise and thanks to God, who has given me so many opportunities, as well as a sense of calling to share my experience with others.

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