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End of life

When someone dies, especially if you are next of kin and/or an executor

or have power of attorney, you are usually in shock. Nevertheless, there are plenty of practical tasks to be done. Here's a list of things you may need to do, which will hopefully help you through this difficult time.

Life Legacies and Life Journeys

Life has becoming a little less certain in 2020. Many of us know people who have caught Covid and within days they are in hospital, on a ventilator or even dead. It’s dangerous to think “It won’t happen to me!” It’s a helpful prompt to remind us just how valuable life is and to make the most of it. We want as few regrets as possible as our earthly life draws to a close, whether that turns out to be in a few weeks or several decades away. So here are five exercises to help you reflect on your life and where it’s heading.

It’s quite common that someone who knows they are approaching the end of their life has things they’d like to talk about. However there is sometimes a “conspiracy of silence” and it’s difficult to raise the subject. This sheet could act as an ice breaker or be used by the person approaching the end of their life, a family member, friend or by someone outside the family who is visiting in a caring role. I originally wrote it for a longstanding friend who knew he didn't have long to live.

Choosing a care or nursing home can be a challenging and emotionally highly charged task, particularly if you have a relative who is reluctant to leave their own home but needs to. Here’s a list of things to consider when making a choice, to help you and your loved one focus on the practicalities required and hopefully not get too overwhelmed by the emotional aspects of this big change. I have personally chosen care and nursing homes for elderly relatives on three occasions.

Many people visiting sick or elderly relatives, friends or neighbours (including those with dementia) in a hospital, hospice, nursing home or care home are unsure what to do and say. Here are some suggestions to help you…

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