Simple strategy in a Christian context 

There are many methods for developing a strategy or strategic plan and many different views about what such a plan should contain. Often they are complex and sometimes there is a sense of mystery about the process. Some organisations bring in a consultant to facilitate the process. This resource seeks to distil down to a simple stage by stage approach that could be used by a new charity or a small charity where there may be limited strategic planning experience. It explains why you need a strategic plan, covers content and process as well as how to communicate it and obtain the ownership of the relevant stakeholders. The signposts show some suggested places for additional guidance.

Its primarily for:

  • Trustees and leadership/management teams of small Christian charities.

  • Church leadership teams.

Establishing a strategic filter 

Here’s a way to sift requests for new programme initiatives, especially if there are too many of them for the resources available.

Its primarily for:

  • Leadership team members

  • Trustees

  • Anyone developing a strategy or strategic plan

  • Anyone wanting approval for a new programme or activity

Undertaking a structural review 

Coming in 2020