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Reviewing the Year: looking back, looking forward

Many of us have undertaken appraisals as part of our working life.  For many years I have found it’s a helpful practice to review all aspects of my life. Here are some suggestions for what you might cover.

Life Legacies and Life Journeys

Life has becoming a little less certain in 2020. Many of us know people who have caught Covid and within days they are in hospital, on a ventilator or even dead. It’s dangerous to think “It won’t happen to me!” It’s a helpful prompt to remind us just how valuable life is and to make the most of it. We want as few regrets as possible as our earthly life draws to a close, whether that turns out to be in a few weeks or several decades away. So here are five exercises to help you reflect on your life and where it’s heading.

Signposts in a Global Pandemic

Resources to help charities, churches and individuals during and beyond the Covid19 Crisis.

Over recent months we’ve had to respond fast to a rapidly changing horizon. It’s going to take some time for organisations and churches to emerge and the playing field will have changed. Helen’s Headlines has always been about a short summary that signposts you on for more depth. So here are my top 10 signposts for resources to help your church or organisation on the journey, plus five more focussed at a personal level…