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New Resources

Over the last eighteen months my time on new resources has been devoted to the Retiring Well Course and Workbooks.


Retiring Well Resources

The Retiring Well course began in my living room in late 2017. Since then its been run in a variety of formats in different venues around the UK and even on one occasion in New Zealand. It’s become very popular (including for Church of England Bishops!) and I can no longer fulfil the demand for courses myself.


So I’ve written two Retiring Well Workbooks: Volume 1 “Preparing for Retirement” and Volume 2 “New Patterns of Living in Retirement” which are available to purchase. They are aimed at people planning to retire in the next couple of years and those who’ve retired in the last twelve months. There are 16 sessions which can be worked through individually or in a self-facilitated small group. If you’d like more information see the page on Retiring Well Publications. A second edition of Volume 2 is now available with a foreword by Professor John Wyatt. There's also a Facilitator's Manual for those with appropriate experience to run a small, local Retiring Well Course.

To hear me talk about retirement listen to some recent radio interviews here.

For more information on Retiring Well courses see the page on Retiring Well Courses.

For other information about Retiring Well see the page About Retiring Well

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