Newly Added Resources

Considerations for a Charity Merger

Here’s a brief heads up to help you grasp the likely scope and implications of exploring a charity merger. It’s primarily for trustees and senior charity staff who are considering a merger but have never been involved in one before and want to know where to start.


A Framework for Trustee Inductions

An outline of the aims and content for a trustee induction session, trustee induction pack and trustee training handout. The resource includes downloadable pdfs which can be adapted for your charity. This is for:

  • Chair of trustees, company secretary or whoever is responsible for trustee inductions.

  • New trustees who may find it helpful as a checklist of what they need to know.

This version of the resource is written primarily for a UK audience.

A Giving Strategy for Churches

Many churches struggle with balancing the books and with inspiring their congregation about giving. This eight point approach was developed in two large churches in the UK. It emphasises the importance of a vision and mission for the church that is understood and owned by the congregation. It also recognises that giving isn’t just about money, it includes time, talents, practical service and prayer. It’s written for:

  • Ministers and treasurers of local churches.

  • Other church leaders including members of the church council, diaconate, eldership or leadership team.

  • Stewardship advisers in denominations and local churches.

Risk Management for Small Charites

 This resource outlines what all charities should have in place in relation to management of the risks they face. In particular it is for small charities and signposts to the range of additional help that is available that deals much more extensively than this short headline does. It also provides a glossary of useful terms.  This is primarily for:

  • Chief executives, operations directors, operations and other senior managers and trustees of small charities.

  • Anyone who has responsibility for risk or crisis management.