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Personal Matters

What Would Helen Do?

I originally wrote this (at their request) to share my experience with a group of young women that I mentored in the workplace.

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Reviewing the Year: looking back, looking forward

Many of us have undertaken appraisals as part of our working life.  For many years I have found it’s a helpful practice to review all aspects of my life. Here are some suggestions for what you might cover.

How's my support network?

We all have some level of support network, whether we recognise it or not. Here’s an opportunity to look at your support network and consider ways to strengthen it.

This may be especially relevant for those whose situation is changing or has recently changed.

Managing stress

We all experience undue stress at times, at work and at home. There are many resources, books and courses on the causes, effects and techniques to manage stress. In fact you could get stressed looking at them all! This resource focuses on a collection of practical tips to help alleviate mild to moderate levels of stress and find a better balance. The signposts at the end offer further resources for those who want to explore the topic more deeply.

This resource is for those experiencing mild to moderate stress who are looking for simple tips to help alleviate it. It is NOT for those who have reached burnout or who are clinically depressed who should seek professional help and support.

Discovering calling for a new life-stage

Here are some practical tips to help you if you are at a cross roads, determining which way to go in a new phase of life. This was originally adapted from a retirement planning resource or a young Mum giving up employment to give more time to her family.

Retreat activities for beginners

I originally wrote this for one of my Goddaughters when she was going on her first retreat

Time management and personal organisation

This resource offers some tips and techniques to help you manage your time more effectively and improve your personal organisation. Whether you use your memory, paper or electronic devices the same principles apply. Picking even one principle or technique from this resource and putting it into practice may help improve your life!

Pacing life without employment

Some considerations for finding a new balance following a change in employment or other responsibilities.

How much to give?

This resource provides a method for discerning a personal level of Christian giving. It is based on the author’s personal experience. It’s written for:

  • Christians considering the level of their overall giving or their giving to a specific cause.

  • Anyone providing Christian discipleship training.

A balanced portfolio for personal giving

This resource is to help you review the balance of your giving, including to your local church and support of mission activity beyond the church. It suggests a method for analysing and reviewing how your giving might be allocated across different types of mission and ministry: locally, nationally and globally. 

It’s so easy to add new projects or organisations to your giving without considering the overall balance of the “portfolio”. So here’s a way to help you evaluate whether your personal giving has an appropriate balance. It uses the same principle that you’d use with any investment ie that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Making the most of being single

Being single isn’t easy, but then neither is being married! Whatever our situation, as Christians we should look to make the most of it: relishing the advantages and looking for ways to minimize the disadvantages. This resource looks at some of the advantages and disadvantages, gives some suggestions for those who are single and also some tips for those who are married about how they could support their single friends better.

Preparing for retirement

Retirement is a time of significant change for people, there are plenty of opportunities but also some challenges. There are lots of ways to move towards and then into retirement and many matters to think though. Here are a few suggestions that may help to get you started on your journey. All these and other topics are covered in more depth in the Transitions Retirement Planning Course. This is primarily for:

  • Those considering completing full time work within the next two years.

  • Those who’ve finished full time work who haven’t yet considered how to use their retirement.

  • Anyone supporting those approaching retirement.

Volunteering Tips

Here's a series of tips to help you consider an appropriate activity and place for you to volunteer, as well as some tips on matters to consider as you start out.


Good Godparenting

Coming in 2020

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