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Retiring Well Publications


Helen Calder, the founder of Retiring Well, has published the Retiring Well Workbooks in two volumes:  "Preparing for Retirement" and "New Patterns of Living in Retirement". These can be used individually or in a small group. They are provided at courses run by Helen. There are 16 sessions on the same topics covered in the courses. There is also a Facilitator’s Manual for those considering running a Retiring Well course locally. 

The workbooks are aimed at people planning to retire in the next couple of years and those who’ve retired in the last twelve months. There are 16 sessions which can be worked through individually or in a self-facilitated small group. If you’d like more background information see the page on Retiring Well.

The workbook sessions are as follows:

Volume 1: Preparing for Retirement

  1. How to make the most of Retiring Well 

  2. Opportunities & challenges in retirement

  3. Exploring God’s calling for your retirement

  4. Life journeys and life legacies

  5. Leaving work well

  6. An introduction to financial considerations for retirement

  7. The "Gap” possibility: developing a buffer between work and retirement

  8. A Christian perspective on retirement & growing old

Volume 2: New Patterns of Living in Retirement

 9.  Identity & self-worth without paid employment

10. Supporting others, supporting yourself

11. More time at home: for single living and those who are married

12. Staying or moving: where to live and when to move

13. A balanced lifestyle: pacing life and use of time in retirement

14. Volunteering: opportunities and tips

15. Developing your devotional life in retirement

16. Further steps on the retirement journey

 Second editions of both Workbooks are now available. To order copies please email Please put RW Workbook order in the subject box of your email and provide the postal address to which the workbook(s) will be sent. You will then be invoiced. Once payment has been received your workbook(s) will be despatched, usually on Fridays. From 1 April 2024 a single copy of one workbook is £11 including UK postage. To purchase both workbooks together the price is £20 including UK postage. Postage for larger orders and for delivery outside the UK will be quoted on request.

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